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Nov 28, 2001
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I would like to know if anyone can share some info on the Air Force Reserve Flight Engineer program. For example as a Flight Engineer what type of training would you expect, where? And what benefits if any would you have to help you in the civilian world flying for an airline such as Fed Ex or and DC10 operator?
I am going to meet with some personnel at Travis AFB on Tuesday and wanted to get an idea before I go over there.

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Feb 27, 2002
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my two cents...

unless it is an issue of needing a job to pay the bills, I would not take an FE job in the military thinking that it would help you in a future airline career. FEDEX, for example, hires only pilots and while it is good to have an FE written on your ticket, and you may actually get hired onto the panel at first, they aren't going to care how many hours you spent sitting sideways in the Air Force. NOW... if you are interested in a PFE (professional flight engineer) position... that's another story. A good friend of mine is a PFE with Gemini (after a twenty year career as an FE in the Navy) and he loves it. Remember, he will NEVER be a pilot at Gemini, since he has no "flight" time.

I highly recommend the military as a place to serve your country, to make a decent living and to get great experience, but if you're looking for a way to make it to the the majors a little faster, I wouldn't do it unless you can get a flying job. Good luck.