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Air Cargo

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Sea Plane Pilots Assoc
May 22, 2002
Looking for information on aircargo companies, most of the info that i have seen is on compies like Airnet and other various companies.

Looking for different ones ???

Thank you.:cool:
Freight dogs

Here are a couple:

1. Westair in Central California. Operates C-208s and feeds UPS, I believe.

2. Ameriflight in Burbank has been around forever, flying worn-out Lances and some decent aircraft as well.

3. Central Air Southwest, http://www.centralairsouthwest.com . Also has been around forever and flies Aero Commanders, a real classic airplane.

4. Mountain Air Cargo, , has also been around awhile.

5. Zantop International Airlines, http://www.flyzantop.com , is a real classic freight carrier. Operates L-188 Electras, which is a classic airplane. It may still operate DC-8s as well.

Hope that helps. Some cargo outfits are P-F-T, just so you know ahead of time.

PS-If you like Electras, this page, http://home.worldonline.dk/lai/elektra.html , has some great Electra pix. :D
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Thanks that helps out a lot.

Your current career Paralegal?

Got out of UCF 1983 with that went to work for kennedy space center shuttle security, untill Govt. cut the program.

What does PFT stand for ??


Pay for training.

Try searching the topic on the Aviation Message Board. You'll get everything you need to know and more on this controversial subject.
Unfortunately, unless you can find a company that will hire a day VFR only pilot, you're gonna have to wait until you have Part 135 IFR mins before anyone will even look at you. When you do get the time, look up Ameriflight (www.ameriflight.com) in BUR... they are a good company and can get you turbine experience relatively quickly.

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