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Air Cargo Carriers??

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This Lil' Piggy Flew Home
May 3, 2002
Just wondering if anybody has input on Air Cargo Carriers. Looking for stuff like: if they are hiring, FO pay, typical schedules, junior bases, quality of life etc.

Air Cargo Carriers Inc.


Thanks I will check those guys out but I should have been more specific. I'm looking for info on the company Air Cargo Carriers Inc. they fly the Shorts.
Air Cargo Carriers

www.aircar.com is their website. Steve Altnau is the Chief Pilot. You will probably be gone fron Mon. A.M. to Fri. or Sat. afternooon. Pay is fairly low ($19K?). And you get to fly aroung with a load in your Shorts!

Keep the blue side up...


The company's HDQ is in MKE. They have bases all over the US and yes they fly both the SD-330 and the SD-360. Maintenance is good, and so is the training. Schedule is M-F (Scheduled night runs). If you have any questions PM me.


I am a pilot for ACC. Word has it that the company will have a new hire class real soon, maybe in July. Contact Edsel Burks at 1-800-253-1711. He is the Dir. of training. First Officer position pays 18,000 per yr. Captain pay is close to 40,000. Upgrades use to be 3 to 6 months, due to 9/11 it is about 14 months now. We fly nightly runs for UPS, Airborne Express, and DHL all over the US in all types of weather. You will love flying the Shorts. IT is real stable and extremly easy to land.(like a cessna 172) ACC is a cool place to work with decent benefits including jumpseating. Acc does a little bit of charter flying also.

jscflyer & 72Longhorn,

Thanks to everybody for responding to my post!

The info sounds great. I hope I will get a call from your outfit soon. I would love to do some night freight flying with you guys!


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