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Air Cargo Carriers PIC?

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Fed up
Oct 29, 2005
By the end of the year, about half my 1200 hours will be in the Shorts 3/30 right seat, but I REALLY don't care to stay with my current company, so I'm checking out other options, such as a left seat with ACC.

Would I even have a realistic chance of getting it at this point (I think I have less than 10 hours M/E PIC)? How about a scheduled run (not sure I could put my family through the 19 on, 9 off thing)? Also, would I have to move away from MEM?

I get the impression they need qualified pilots pretty badly due to rather high attrition, and that internal FO's are upgrading with 1200 hours. But I'm sure folks from within the company would have first rights over someone like me. The web site says 2500 for Capt. but I know that isn't written in stone. Just wondering what would be realistic.

Seems like this would be my best next move if I could get it. Otherwise, I guess it'll be Ameriflight or some other single pilot gig to build that M/E PIC time. That wouldn't be so bad, but not the same as left seat in a transport category airplane for sure. Any other ideas? Thanks in advance...

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