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Air Atlanta 747???

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I know a Cargo guy who used to work for kalitta and Polar who now flies for them. He was hired through a headhunter. So, in his case, he wasn't hired full time, they kind of hired him like a contract employee. I don't know if this is how they do it for all pilots or not. He went overseas for almost three months on a flying gig. He has been back for two+ months and has no idea when he will be going back. You can't call and find out anything. They just tell you to keep your bags packed for a three month trip.(YIKES) When they call you you have (i think) 28 hours to get wherever they need you on their nickel. It seem like a pretty bad deal. I can't remember what the total pay was but I seem to remember it being around 8000/month. (blgggghhhhh)

The airline does adhoc and charter work with 747s, L1011s and more recently, 767s. The 747 in EWR was filling in for a Virgin 747 that went U/S in London.
I just looked at Air Atlanta's website. This is a pretty scary statement:
The current industry trend of cutting costs and outsourcing where possible has allowed Air Atlanta to carve out a niche in a highly competitive marketplace. Air Atlanta’s position has been established and reinforced by a continuous record of fast, flexible reactions to requests, sometimes at very short notice. Aircraft can be painted in any livery, crews operate in any uniform and cabins configured to anything from full economy to completely first class. The airline offers freighters as well as passenger aircraft. Air Atlanta will discuss any problem that an airline might encounter and tailor the aircraft to provide the best solution.

Maybe ALPA should be paying more attention to fighting cabotage than it's paying to fighting RJs.

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