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Air Ambulance Company

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Active member
Jan 20, 2006
I’ve ask the question on the corporate forum about what type of type rating I should get on the Lear. My choices are 60 or 45. Since I’m getting this with WIA funds and I’ll be going to FSI next month, my question for you guys is: Any good Air Ambulance companies to check into for a first officer position to start with that fly Lears, if I can find a company before school I can do my type geared towards their part 135 so I can get my 8410. This training is free for me and would be a great benefit for a company. PM me with any Intel. Thanks.
Air ambulance and Lear 45 or 60 are not used in the same sentence :)

The 20 and 30's series are the big players in the air ambulance game... not so much the 55 though because of the small door.

If you're going to get a type and don't have the LR Jet rating, go for that, it's cheaper and opens up a hell of a lot more opportunities...
I will be eligible for WIA soon, but thought you had to have a job offer in order to access funds. Is there different categories of eligibilty?

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