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AIM app for Android

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Well-known member
Nov 28, 2001
For anyone who is interested there is a new current AIM app on the Android Market. It is fully searchable and works on mobile and tablet devices. Beats having to wait until you get on the ground to find out who's right about that Class G airspace transition to Class E. Just whip it out and prove the other guy he's full of it.
Got it. Thanks.
Now when I fly with a Slam-clicker and am sitting in the crappy hotel bar alone, instead of checking my kids facebook page for invites from the local molesters, and praying anyone, please anyone call me so I will have someone to talk to, now I can be looking at the AIM.
Super. What a life. On the bright side, it is the first copy of the AIM I've ever owned. $5 not bad.

I call longest sentence of the day on FI.

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