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Age waiver issue (I just got screwed)

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Dec 11, 2001
I'm looking for any advice anywhere from anyone...

Here's the simple story, if you want the drawn-out version ask later:

Through a few years of screw-ups (doc's, recruiters, SG office, etc.) I finally bulled my way into getting before this past june af selection board even though I soon turn 30. My recruiter told me I had and "age waiver" to meet that board and this recent August board as well if I didn't get selected the first time. Well, I was non-select in June and low and behold I figure this last week was my last shot at getting picked up and my recruiter calls me today and says sorry, my package didn't go before the board for some reason. I didn't get all the details because it was a message and I couldn't get back to them but does ANYONE know anything about age waivers and just how they work or know anyone who can answer my question. Maybe I didn't even have an age waiver as it's truly known but that would really confuse me as to what's going on.

Any advice is appreciated.
Keep fighting!


After 2 years of screwups at all levels, I just got my IFC1 Physical qualified today...including a medical waiver.

It took a lot of perseverence, which I'm sure you have.

For 2 years I could not believe it was possible for anyone to have been screwed worse than I had. So, I will pass on the advice that was given me by more than a handful of people.

Get on the phone and make lots of phone calls. Be aggressive, yet polite. Take it as high up the chain as you have to. They can't do anything to you. You're a civilian. Document EVERYTHING! If that doesn''t work, Contact your congressman or Senator.

In my case I at least had a reserve unit to run interference and bang on doors until someone finally relented and admitted they had made a mistake. I didn't have to "get Congressional" but Ill admit I did have the story and privacy release typed.

I agree, don't ever give up, and do what ever it takes. Until you turn 30 that is. Dude, I doubt very highly that you had an age waiver. Why would they give you a waiver? Because you have 70 hours? That won't do it. I think the AF has plenty of volunteers. I could be wrong, but in my 15 years the only waiver I every heard about was a Guard dude. Sorry, you may want to try the Guard or the (gulp) Army.

What took you so long? I do hear about lots of guys deciding way too late in life to start flying military. It's a good thing for them that the AF moved he age limit up from 27.5.

Good Luck
I decided with plenty of time really, about 3 years ago when I found out that they had just changed the eyesight (i'm about 20/40) and age requirements had been changed. I always wanted to fly military, but coming of age when I could first apply - during the slowdown of the 90's - and my eyes I just was told forget it.....

And I would've had a good chance at getting a slot had it not been for a wrong medical diagnosis that temporarily DQ'd me out of ROTC while in grad-school, and then my first OTS recruiter that screwed up some paperwork and neglected to inform me or anyone else and then some other things. It ended up being one minor setback after another until I got to this point. And baring some odd stroke of luck I'm not sure I have anything left to go with.
Document everything with hard evidence and submit request for waiver. Don't count on it though. Good luck.
Would it be worth contacting some guard units since I already have all the tests, paperwork, FC1, etc. done? Or would that be too time consuming considering they only hire once(?) a year or so? Isn't the guard a little more sympathetic in regards to age?

Sorry to hear your story, however I've heard it many times before. My advice for years has been if you get an answer you don't like you have merely asked the wrong person. Keep asking the question until you find someone with the correct answer.

Now, having said that you do have a tough row to hoe. I only know of two guys to get age waivers. One was a F-4 EWO who did good work in Desert Storm and the other was Dean Martin Jr. hired by the California Guard. Hmmm wonder how that worked.

BTW Deano flew his F-4 into a mountain top on an instrument departure not long after getting through F-4 RTU.

Gumby darnit
The army? Lifestyle more than anything. I'm married, kid. If I were younger and single I'd consider it, same with marines or navy, but at this point the air force just has a lot more positives going for it. Actually, at this point it's sort of moot unless there's a miracle....
Don't give up hope. However it seems the active duty AF is not losing any sleep over you and your waiver. I would highly recommend you look into the Guard. They seem to be much more flexible and accomodating to those who need age waivers. I was former Navy I got mine at age 31. The prior service and aviation background obviously helped my case but I believe if you find the right unit willing to fight for you it can be done. It's just up to you to do the leg work and call/visit a few units. BTW the AF will waiver up to age 33 for UPT. Good luck.

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