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Age 65 retirees at your airline

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Well-known member
Feb 7, 2006
So with age 65 taking affect in 2 years or so... how many pilots does your airline stand to lose? I know AA is going to hermorage pilots when 65 hits. Same thing with Airways.
I don't know about hemmorage but SWA will lose about 200 a year, if they don't have other issues that force them to retire earlier.

I know before the age 65 rule took effect, US Air was coming up on 400+ retirements per year... should start to INCREASE soon...

When did age 65 officially occur? How much longer do we have before the mandatory retirements start again???
Dec of 07 was the rule. Five more years is Dec of 2012. So 3 1/2 years till the first ones turn 65
Guys this is why we need to rally around the "fly till ya die" campaign. Please send your contributions to dieinthesky.com. We earned our right to work and these junior guys just want to steel our seat! This 65 thing is age discrimination....plane and simple. We have about 3 years to get this done.
How many retire and how soon at some airline could end up depending on economic. There are a few carriers that are sitting on the edge of BK. So some age 65 could be forced to go earlier than they want it the economy does not improve.
Don't forget all the hundreds of 50+ ers who will have heart attacks.

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