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AFSCs able to separate/retire


Apr 4, 2002
Total Time
Here are the AFSCs that are now able to separate/retire from the AF. Obviously the personnel types in charge of the medical field did not commit the same level of total incompetence that the personnel types in charge the rated folks did.

AFSC AFSC Description: Officers
32E Civil Engineer
33S Communications-Information Systems
35P Public Affairs
42F Podiatrist
42G Physician Assistant
42N Audiology/Speech Pathologist
42P Clinical Psychologist
42S Clinical Social Worker
42T Occupational Therapist
43P Pharmacist
43Y Health Physicist
44B Preventive Medicine
44F Family Physician
44G General Practice Physician
44J Clinical Geneticist
44K Pediatrician
44N Neurologist
44P Psychiatrist
44R Diagnostic Radiologist
44S Dermatologist
44T Radiotherapist
44U Occupational Medicine
45E Ophthalmologist
45G Obstetrician and Gynecologist
45N Otorhinolaryngologist :confused:
45U Urologist
47E Endodontist
47G Dentist
47H Peridontist
47K Pediatric Dentist
47P Prosthodontist
47S Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
51J Judge Advocate
61S Scientist
62E Developmental Engineer
63A Acquisition Manager
64P Contracting