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AFP: The Lost Episodes?

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Mud Eagle

Dec 2, 2001
So, now that CBS has given AFP the axe, my question is, where will it appear next?

There's too much good stuff there for the series to disappear into a dark hole and never see the light of day....

So, will Discovery Wings buy it? Will Jesse Negron at least bootleg the six other unseen episodes so we who are interested can see them?

I hadn't heard about the axe, but I did see it was a very poorly rated show the first week.

I don't watch much network TV...was this promoted at all?
They made it through

CBS "delinked" it from its main website. You can't get to it unless you pull it up from your browser "history". Here is the link that was saved on my computer.


I looked in the Global Address Book at work; it lists the pilots e-mail addresses and their squadrons. AFSPC put the whole Air Force in the outlook address book. They apparently passed and are flying for different squadrons. Don't remember which squadrons they are in, but I'll post them tomorrow from work.

I thought it was an interesting show, but I could tell from my wife's lack of interest it had rating problems.

Now these pilots have to live down getting "canceled" from national television. I'm sure they will get some ragging from squadron buddies.

This reminds me of when Felly Flinn (B-52 pilot) went on TV and said she never dated anyone in Minot, ND. At the time I was a deputy missileer. My commander was Flinns boyfriend. He was never able to live down getting rejected on national TV.

At his Captains pin on the SQ/CC said Lt Gottlieb, we all know what you are famous for.....

It was hilarious.

Well...after watching I can say it certainly had hokey moments, but at the same time...a show with a talking baby makes the top 20?:eek:

I propose CBS start a new series with some fat guy walking with his cranium bent below his knees and mouthing dialog with his butt cheeks and sphincter (ala Jim Carey in Ace Ventura) for a great 30 minutes of family fun. I'm sure it would be a f*ckin' riot and the ratings would just pour in. :mad:

Oh well...for the aviation freaks out there -sorry. We tried. :(

Back to anonmity & keepin' my day job

This week's Air Force Times had a brief article on the early demise of AFP. The article mentioned that CBS may show the remaining six episodes during the summer rerun season. Stay tuned. My condolences to all the Eagle drivers out there who had their fifteen minutes of public fame cut short :D

[edited for excessive profanity]
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Cheesy but entertaining

I agree with all of the previous posts about the poor production of a seemingly good concept. Maybe with all of it's flashy graphics and ADD- (attention deficit disorder) camera angles, MTV will pick it up once The Osbourne's (actually a pretty entertaining show) season is over.

I thought the NBC special on the USS Stennis that aired two nights ago was way more interesting and entertaining. But then again, I'm a little biased! At least until I get out of the Navy in a couple of weeks.
The stennis show was definetly cool. My dad's buddy was supply commander on her a few years ago so I got the behind the scenes tour. I'm a sucker for carrier shows :)
Bustin' some Eggle chops

See Eggle boyz none of this would have happened if it was "American Hog Driver".

All CBS or whoever had to do was set a camera up somewhere like a canyon rim, throw about a hundred or so 50 gal. oil drums filled w/ gas and let a few Hog guys get it on with the "hose in the nose". No red blooded American would pass up the chance to see random destruction. MTV could even get in on it with Ozzy commenting on each pass, nothing like constant cursing to go with the sound of the gun.

Happy Flying

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