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AFOQT question?

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Well-known member
Feb 27, 2002
Are there any study guides for the test, like the ones for the civilian written tests...Are the questions on the test the same ones you can study from on the study guide?

also, I'm looking into a career in the AF, What I'm wondoring is how much do you guys fly?? that goes for all of you..fighters, tankers..etc....thanks for the info..
Yes there are books on "How to take the AFOQT" and you can find them in nearly any major bookstore.
Good Luck
"Military Flight Aptitude Tests" by ARCO is what you're looking for.
I will second airgator - that was the best book for me when I took the AFOQT. Good luck! :D

ARCO's study guide is the best...

I "third" Airgator...I took the AFOQT this past April and ARCO's study guide saved my life. Everything you see in that book will be on the AFOQT. There were no surprises when I showed up.

Good Luck!

My suggestion (and remember I havent even taken the AFOQT or BAT, so take it for what it's worth) would be to pick up an SAT study guide and get your analogy/reading comprehension/word knowledge/math skills boned up there. Like patmack said, the rest is stuff that you cant really study for, although I picked up a book called "Mechanical Aptitude and Spatial Relation Tests" by ARCO that may have some extraneous stuff but helps w/ the block counting and mechanical comprehension (I also bought a physics book to help w/ this). I plan on taking the AFOQT in a couple of weeks depending on when my school offers it so I'll let you know just how much these items helped. Cya.

McKay is a $#ithole, btw.
Just to third what these guys are saying. You can't really study for the AFOQT. The main thing you need to know going in is how to do each section and the time contraints. That's what the ARCO books are good for, that's about it.
Hey Ravi,
I know if you go online and search for a practice AFOQT test they have a practice one that you can take. It is an abbreviated version. I think it contains 8 sections and gives you about 8 questions on each topic. Hope your having fun up in NJ. I'll talk to you later man.
thanks bro..hhahahah...

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