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Dec 15, 2001
First of all, I'm sorry in advance for posting this. I know some of you get pissed off when a similar question is asked more than once. However, I'm 15, a sophomore in HS, and pretty insecure about my future. I know I want to fly and I don't care what I fly. I also want a good education. There isn't an hour in the day that I don't think about being in the Air Force or Navy and being paid to fly the most sophisticated, expensive, deadly airplanes in the world And that's why I ask questions about my chances. I don't want to plunk down $50,000+ to fly for years and years and years just to get barely enough flight hours as an experienced military pilot to be competetive for an airline position. And using the military as a stepping stone for an airline career is not my intention. I think I'd like the military lifestyle and excitement (I know I'm idealistic). OK, now on to the questions.
1. Who is the Air Force ALO for Utah and how can
I contact him/her?
2. What is the equivalent ALO for the navy and how can I contact him/her?
3. First look at my stats below. What are my chances of getting a nomination and appointment to either the AFA or USNA? And what are my chances of getting 4 year type-1 AF or Navy ROTC scholarships?
-3.6 GPA
-27 ACT(I hope to get a 31 or 32 ACT)
-Church leader
-Hospital service
-Eagle Scout Award
-Football as a freshman
-Swim team (I will be going to state)
Well, that's it. Thanks!
Hi, I'm a 1980 USNA grad (Marine Corps) and I think I can answer your questions.

The person who can help you get info on getting into USNA is your local/regional Blue & Gold Officer. Contact the admissions office at USNA to find out who that is. Get their contact info at this link. Request an initial info pack while you are at it.


Alumni and parent support groups are also good points of contact, and you can get in contact with them through the admissions office as well.

How competitive you are depends on where you are applying from. Some states are very competitive (New Jersey, Maryland) some are not. Right now, the number of applicants per vacancy is relatively low, and USNA has just asked for a boost in the number of 4/C (freshman) slots, so it's a good time to apply. Starting as a Sophmore is right on time. You need to make sure you tailor your HS course load towards the prerequisites the Acadmy wants to see. Also, start prepping for your SAT or ACT. It counts a great deal.

Don't go into the Academy with your heart set on being a pilot. Go to USNA with your heart set on being a Naval Officer. A lot can happen in four years, and you could end up not physically qualified for flight (it happened to some of my friends). You compete for flight slots as well, so even if you're PQ, you might not qualify by class rank (or however they're doing it now).

The only sure way to get to be a pilot is to pay for your PPL. Going to USNA, and into the Marine Corps worked out well for me, and I'm getting ready to retire this week after 22 years with about 4000 flight hours, a load of great memories, and a job offer from Comair. But you could easily find yourself driving a boat with an 8-10 year commitment, so only go if you want to serve your country in some capacity. The flying will be icing on the cake if it works out for you, as it did for me.

Semper fi, and good luck,

Your high school guidance counselor should know who the liaison officer for your area is, or should know how to obtain that information for you. If he/she says otherwise, they are not doing what they are being paid to do. Ask that person if they have a current catalog. Unless the basic content has changed, the catalog for any service academy should contain the information you want.

Since you have access to the Internet, go to the Air Force Academy web site. The information you seek could be there. If not, the site may direct you to what you need.

Your stats are better than mine were.

Good luck!
Great stats. AFROTC scholarship or academy appointment should be within reach.

Academy--lots of unique experiences, priority for pilot slots if scarce, etc.

AFROTC--more "normal" college years, paid for by Uncle Sam. Local state college or Stanford.....State U or MIT.....lots of options. With current situation I think you'd get a pilot slot either way....its up to personal pref.

My rec? Visit the academies. Talk to cadets and get their impressions. Visit some colleges you are interested in and check with the respective ROTC programs.

And....if you choose ROTC....have fun but go to class more than once or twice a week. No drugs, no DUIs, and don't take more than 2 or 3 trips to get through physics class and you might just get to UPT. :D

Lots of advice here on the boards here. Investigate your options...you have many.

good luck,

Find out about the summer seminar that is offered at the academies. I went to Annapolis for a week in between my junior and senior year. You live like they do, eat with them, go to class, etc. I had gone through the whole process of applying to the AFA and NA but decided it wasn't for me and went to a big party skoole instead. The academies are a great deal, when you graduate having that on your resume makes Harvard and Yale look like a community college, among other things. Definitely look into the seminar though. Good luck.
I recommend the NROTC route. Thats what I did. I am on track to get commissioned in 2 weeks and then start flight school to train to become a naval aviator in about 1.5 months.

ROTC gives you the chance to live a "normal" college lifestyle and I believe it EASIER to get a pilot slot if you do ROTC than from the academy. Last year, we had a senior with a 2.7 GPA get a pilot slot! This is my units website: www.nav.rochester.edu Plus if you get an NROTC scholarship at U of R, they pay for room and board too!! Thats a 30+ grand education for free!

Your stats looked better than mine as well. Good luck. Look into it, I have no regrets!

First of all you're starting out your quest at the right time. Don't delay and be persistent.

If your goal is to fly, there's only one choice -- Air Force Academy, you can do it other ways (AFROTC/USNA, etc), but USAFA grads get the edge for slots when the slots are scarce.

Getting into an Academy takes two "applications":

1) A nomination by your US Rep/Senator/President, etc -- most require that you go through a full application/interview with their staff. Contact their offices directly for more info.

2) An acceptance by the Academy itself (Appointment). This includes GPA/ACT/SAT/Activities/Interview by the ALO/Medical/Fitness test, etc etc.

The easiest/quickest way to get to an Academy is via sports. If you are good enough at swimming to go to State, you probably have a shot at being sponsored by the swim team at any of the Academy's. This gets you an automatic nomination, which is the most difficult part of the application process. Contact the swim team at the Academy... get your coach to contact the swim team, whatever it takes.

Don't do anything stupid. None of the obvious stuff (drugs/alcohol), but also no dumb driving tickets, no arrests for tresspassing, no fights etc. Keep your nose clean.

Go and see the site, it will answer most of your questions.


The farther I get away from the Academy, the more I appreciate it.

Good Luck.
I agree somewhat...

I agree somewhat that the AF Academy is the way to go, but it is probably one of the more difficult things to do, acceptance wise that is. If my memory serves me right, you'll need to pull in a pretty good ACT score, in addition to raising your GPA if you want to get into one of the service academy's. I had a 30 on my ACT, 3.9 GPA, played Varsity Basketball, and was active outside of H.S., and didn't get into the USNA, though I got my 3 nominations and went to the Summer Seminar. So nothing is guaranteed, no matter how much you think it is, as always, keep your options open and apply everywhere, so you can pick and chose when the time comes. I'm just making this post so I can change my Avatar! And finally, you make this same post on EVERY aviation webpage, the guy from UT I mean! You've gotten very good advice from everyone, everytime you make it, so why not take everyone's advice, and run with it, instead of sitting around asking questions all day.

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