AF stop loss question


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Jan 13, 2002
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For AF types who plan on getting out this year provided stop loss goes away....

I am an AF T-34 guy at a Navy base, so forgive me if I sound a bit confused, but here goes...anyone out there, besides myself, planning on separating this year? If so, what have you heard regarding establishing a DOS with stop loss. I am committed through 28 OCT 02 so I haven't let AFPC and others know my intentions. Obviously, I don't want to burn any bridges either way, but the time is drawing near and I am expecting orders soon for probable RNLTD of OCT. Don't know squat about 7 day opt, establishing DOS, turning down bonus, etc with stop loss still out there. Please... I don't want to open a discussion on loyalty, serving my country, etc...If the war escalates or if I feel I am truly needed in my MWS, then that is a different story...Thanks in advance for any help and insight for those in the same shoes.:confused: