AF Pilot Stop Loss Waivers: Approved?


Mar 1, 2002
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To Air Force Pilots only--Is anyone out there having success with getting a stop loss waiver approved? If yes, please share with us the circumstances. There seems to be great system wide discrepancy on how these are being handled. We have seen cases where one was approved and one with almost identical circumstances was not. The success rates seem to vary greatly from base to base. If you are concerned, please share:

Were you approved?
Are you past your DOS at the time of the waiver?
How long did the process take?
Where are you stationed?
What do you fly?
Was your request supported locally?
Are you going to a guard or reserve job?
If yes, full or part time?
Did you cite any personal hardship?
What do you think was the primary motivation for approval or disapproval.

It looks like the system is broken and needs some clear directives from Air Force leaders as to how waivers should be handled.


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Feb 5, 2002
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I put some stats on the Military Transition page, but a summary...

I'm no expert on the logic of the AF, but after gathering as much info as I could, it seems like 4 things are constant:

1. You must focus on Total AF concept, not personal hardship.

2. Therefore, you pretty much have to have a reserve or ANG job, full or part time (I have heard of only 1 w/o any).

3. Your unit needs to be overmanned (sts- therefore they can justify letting you go)

4. For the best chance of success you need WG/CC support.

Good luck!
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