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Aeroservice Aviation for types?

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New member
Aug 14, 2002
Does anybody have any knowledge, rumour, innuendo, hearsay, any opinion whatsoever good, bad, or indifferent regards Aeroservice Aviation Center in Miami, Fl as a venue to obtain Flight Engineer and type ratings in various Boeing products?

I'm interested in obtaining a FE (full rating not just the written) PLUS a type.


(I've already got a couple types and a bunch of jet time, gotta do something til the economy turns around)
see http://www.aeroservice.com/
Aeroservice has a nice looking operation on the outside but in my opinion they have the worst B727 full motion sim in the country. At my company people were failing recurrent and pcs left and right. The end result was our POI decertified the sim in our opspecs. I suppose it could be used for training for a FE ticket but I do not suggest using it for a rating ride.

Hope this helps
ok, so the 72 sim is lacking (they say it's certified level C ?)

If you pay them money are you going to come away with a rating? If a person wanted to collect type ratings and make a resume look good are they ok? Is the quality of the instruction ok? Do you come away with knowledge of the systems? Are there cost competitive alternates? What is the attitude and competence of the people you would actually deal with day to day while training?

I realize that if I actually get hired (again) somewhere that I'd be retrained anyway before flyiing the real thing. I've got all kinds of time on my hands and it may be years before the air business improves.

Theyv'e quoted me a reasonable cost and 45 days to get an FE and a type in a 747. If I go for it will I get what i've paid for? I'll do the 727 and 737 later. (after the DC10 that is.


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