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Aerobatic Training

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Mar 25, 2002
I was wondering if anyone, especially you professional pilots that are non-military, have taken aerobatic training. There was a story about the 737 roll problem which stated many airline pilots have not had the experience of severe unusual attitudes. Would you or did you find aerobatic training useful. Does anyone know of a place to train in the NYC tri-state area, most places I could find on the net are out West.

Some of the cutting-edge commercial flight schools offer elementary acro as part of their course. FlightSafety in Vero has included acro for ten years. It started by giving CFI students spins, unusual attitudes and rolls in either a Decathlon or Citabria - I don't remember which. Then, they added it to the Commercial Multi course using an Aerobat. Now, they use a Zlin. I'd bet that FSI would work with you if you wanted to take on a Part 61 basis what they offer to their commercial students.

I know that taking some acro and unusual attitudes does wonders for your confidence and bolsters your piloting ability. I had a friend who was on final on a hot day in Albuquerque. A sudden dust devil flipped him over. He had an acro training flight the day before and instead of trying to fight the uncommanded roll he just let the airplane complete the roll and right itself. He told me that but for his flight the day before he would not have known to do that.

If I had it to do over again, I'd take acro.
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Do it!

It's awesome - some of the most fun I've had in a plane. It's not that expensive either, since you can do it in a decathlon, citabria, or even a 152. I did mine in a citabria, and had a blast. Got my tailwheel endorsement out of it as well. The gain in flying confidence and ability is just icing on the cake!
Well I know of a club that offers it for only $130/hr dual. And that in a Pitts Special.

Its the Embry-Riddle Sport Aviation club. Its open to the public, it has a joining fee of $500. All of the instructors are competition aerobatic pilots with hudreds of hours in the Pitts Special. Check us out.

Our url is http://www.erausportaviation.org

If you have any questions you can PM if you want unoffical answers, or contact one of the two people listed at the bottem of the page for the offical answers.
More familiar with mid-altantic area.

Just a short trip down the turnpike in NJ, you have Bob McG at Lewis Aviation in Cross Keys, NJ (17N). He owns and teaches simple stuff in a C-152 Aerobat.

Further down the road but still a short X-C is Nancy Lynn Aviation at Bay Bridge Airport, Stevensville, MD. www.lynnaviation.com

Still closer to DC and I don't know how they are impacted by the new TFR's is the DC Aerobatics Club at Fort Washington / Potomac Airfield. They have a website, don't have the address handy.

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