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Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
I you get a e-mail from AEPS and it has an attachment that says eager to see you-don't open it , it contains the W32/klez.gen@MM virus.

I sent this information over to them........ I got the email and it was a forward of a message which you would never get from them so beware.
Someone entered the AEPS system and did email a virus. We are pursuing. We rarely send something you ahve to open if at all so beware.

Dodged that one! Saw the mail this morning before I came to this site. Even opened it. Did not see anything in it so thought nothing of it.

After seeing this thread, got a sinking feeling of dispair and stupidity.

Checked my firewall program (Zone Alarm Pro) and it had quarantined the attachment, and kept me from opening it. Now I am thankful for my small investment, made it worth it!
Any computer gurus out there? Got the email from AEPS, downloaded the file, and tried to open it through winzip. Winzip said it didn't recognize it so I deleted it and all associated files (and emptied recycle bin). My Norton is out of date and it didn't pick it up and I can't update my software until Monday (have to call to re-up my software subscription). I have already backed up all my "must-save" files. My computer is working fine but I'm worried about shutting it down until I update my Virus software.

Anybody familiar with this virus? Any help or info appreciated.

That'll be the last AEPS e-mail I look at again! Unbelievable...

Beware all. AEPS' system is still sending out viruses. Just received another one today (didn't fall for it this time). Don't open any attachments from AEPS unless you really know what they're sending you.

Go to Norton and get the updates. If you have a computer that is somewhat new, you should get the updates for free.

Last weeK I got close to 50 different virus's from overseas and Notron grabbed them all. Some weeks are better than others.

If you don't get virus protection, don't whine when your computer takes a mind of its own.

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