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Advisory Circle Re:Logging flight time

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Jan 10, 2005
Anyone know af an AC that deals with the logging of flight time?

I have a couple of questions I am trying to find a definitive answer in writing for that the Part 61 does not directly address, i.e. International Relief Pilot, the logging pic on flights over 8 hours, etc......

No need for debate, I just want to be able to read the FAA "Legalese"for myself.

Thanks in adance.
Advisory Circulars

A list of advisory circulars can be found on faa.gov. If there were an AC on this subject, it would be under 61.
If you have questions regarding the regulation, visit DOC's FAR Forum, at www.propilot.com. Any questions you have will quickly be answered there.

Your question isn't going to be answered in any advisory circular.

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