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Advice sought


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May 15, 2002
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I have a small dilemma that I would like others to weigh in on. I currently work for a growing company where I could conceivably be in the top 30% of the seniority list in 3 years. I'm off reserve and make a decent living. I also have a long commute (7 hours).

I have an offer to interview with another company that is about the same size as my current company will be in 3 years. I'd be on reserve for at least a year with NO commute. Growth is much slower (more cautious?).

Pay,retirement, & benefits between the two places is about the same over a 30 year career.

Of course, I haven't been offered the job...yet...but I'm an optimist and want to spend a little time thinking about this now. I think the answer is clear to me, but I would like another's take on the situation.


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Jan 28, 2002
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More info

What else can you tell us? Sitting reserve at home is really not that bad; commuting to reserve really sucks. But, a 7 hour commute to your current job doesn't sound pleasant; is there a domicile that is closer when you can hold it. If not, that can get very tiring after a while. Do you have a family? Is there a chance you could be home a lot more with the new job (do they have single or two day trips back to back that would give you an extra night or two at home?) I know we all live and die by our seniority, but throw in a long commute, and that might even things up. Is it an easy commute (lot of options)?

Knowing what you told us, I might be inclined to go for the new job if it's offered to you. Throw a 7-hour commute on top of ANY good trip and suddenly it can not look so good. ie. I have a good friend who was based out of SFO, mid-seniority and living is SFO; now, he commutes to ORD because of a back shift in seniority movement. He still lives in SFO and is now on reserve in ORD. He hates it! True, he is on reserve now, but even if he wasn't, he would still hate it. Just an outsider's opinion.

Good Luck