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Admins - is this site backed up?

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Well-known member
Jan 29, 2002
I'm sorry if the answer is, "Of course it is, you knucklehead!", but last week at another message board I'm a part of, the server crashed and nothing was backed up, so we had to start anew. :(

I'm a frequent lurker at the various RJ/Scope threads, and very much appreciate the efforts of the regulars that post there. And as I sit there and read the literal pages and pages of text written by surplus, FDJ, SDD, and so on - I can't help but wonder if a simple server crash will completely wipe out everything that's been said.

This goes for the rest of the board too - this place has turned into an incredible resource for pretty much anything aviation related, and I like not having to sift through the constant crap that gets placed on the usenet groups. It'd be a shame if we were to lose it all with a simple failed bearing on a drive, or something of that nature.

Again, I apologize if I'm being too paranoid. This is a pretty big board and I'd be surprised if there wasn't a large backup measure in place, but I thought the same about the other board I was a part of, and in an instant, we lost 275,000 posts.
Ah...sorry - it's an old board set up for alumni of my old school back home. Kind of a place for us all to keep in touch and see where we're at. It wasn't aviation related.

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