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Adequate Vis. Ref. ??

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Well-known member
Dec 1, 2001
Adequate vis ref: shown as a reminder that at least one of the following visual aids must be available:
- Operative High Intensity Runway Lights (HIRL)

- Operative Centerline Lights (CL)

- Runway Centerline Markings (RCLM)

- In circumstances when none of the above visual aids are available, visibility or RVV 1/4sm may still be used provided other markings or runway lighting provide pilots with adequate visual reference to identify the takeoff surface and maintain directional control throughout the take-off run.

I have never heard of RVV? Do they mean RVR of 1/4sm? Are they refering to airport vis. or something completely diff. ? Someone please clarify. Thanks
look it up

Don't have regs handy, but look in P/C Glossary or AIM
Runway Visibility Value is an officially reported visibility, though i can't remember how it is measured.

If you look at your jepps, rvr is expressed in feet and rvv is expressed in miles. (rvr 40 or 3/4). 3/4 is rvv. hope that helps..
Willi7 was exactly right. Unless RVR eguipment is available and used, all visibility is expressed in RVV (Runway Visibility Value.)


RVR = 1800ft
RVV = 1/2 mile

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