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Adding to the rumor Fires...

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Apr 11, 2003
Been reading online from folks that there is some kind of mega rumor around SWA about a big announcement coming in the way of possibly a total takeover of ATA...Any SWA guys care to chime in?
they've just been sold to skywest
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These rumors of the "big anouncement" spread like wildfire about once every six months. Then they die faster than they start. Last time it even carried with it the claim that "you will remember where you are when you hear the anouncement". For added validity I can only assume. If you were flying that day there was no end to the speculation you heard coming from pilots, fos, fa, ops, csa, ramp... The next day... GONE.

Start a rumor on in Baltimore and it will beat you to L.A. They fly way faster that the 737.

Pay no attention
LearLove said:
"They fly way faster that the 737"

Thats not very hard to do.

Well they fly faster than your EMB170, Dash8, T34b, and PA28-350 special ops attack model cherokee too.
N1kawotg said:
Tex-you must be bored sitting reserve. What happened to the cockpit?

If I did anything worth while I'd get called out for sure. Day one of four.

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