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Well-known member
Mar 29, 2005
Rising internet addiction 'on par with drug use'

By Andrew Gumbel in Los Angeles

Published: 02 December 2005

Mental health professionals in the United States have highlighted the emergence of a new psychiatric problem on a par with alcoholism, drug abuse or obsessive gambling: internet addiction disorder.
It occurs when an American office worker who should be focussing on the tasks at hand is spending hours playing fantasy football on the computer instead. Or when an executive is so attached to his handheld device that he checks it last thing at night and then consults it the moment he opens his eyes in the morning.

Any thoughts on this Ty Webb, General Lee, Tony C, Timebuilder, Typhoon 1244, Turbo 57, SWA FO, Boiler Up, Vladimir Lenin, Semper Fido??? I am not saying you are all a bunch of addicts, but come on now...All I am saying if you have over 1000 posts (in some cases over 5000 posts), you might be a redneck...wait, I mean addicted. I may be wrong. I just went through the "t'S" and "S"'s to include the General and Vladimir and the amount of posts was supportive of an addiction. All I am saying is lift the blinds and if you see that bright ball of light in the sky, go ahead and turn off the computer, take your wife or "significant other" and go get some rays. Oh well, to each his own...have fun folks. :)
Get this fucken crap off the goddamn majors board. Thank you.
You shouldn't have posted that. Now there will be a new diagnosis in the field of Psychology. They will call it CISS, or Compulsive Internet Searching Syndrome. When people start losing their jobs because they aren't getting any sleep from surfing all night someone will come to their defense and say it's because they have a "Disease".

Nothing is anyone's fault anymore. I always thought cancer was a disease, now it seems anything you do in excess is a disease. The problem is we have too much free time in this country to develope all these crazy "Diseases".

I'll get off my soap box now. Sorry if I ranted, I have a soap box "Disease".
Ah yes, SBD. It seems to run rampant at times with people. There is no known cure and the backfire can be ever so punishing. The only knows treatment is to just breath, take a step back and off the "box" as professionals call it, and walk away...or log off. There are support groups for those with SBD. NASBDA...or the "National Association of Soap Box Disease Anonymous" for short.


I can stop any time I want.

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