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ACT Mitsu down in APA...

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New Bus driver
Nov 26, 2001
Sounds like an ACT mitsu went down tonight, about an hour ago, here in APA while doing the ILS 35R. Airspace was closed when we came back in, an aircraft on the ground came on our company freq and said he was holding short waiting for the ACT to land when he checked in at the outer marker. Next transmission was tower giving a low altitude report and then nothing else from the a/c. The a/c apparently lost radar contact at the 2.5 mile dme from the airport. Up to this point there has been no wreckage found.
Pilot Dies in Colorado Plane CrashThursday, August 04, 2005


FAA: Tips for Surviving a Plane Crash


ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — A twin-engine cargo plane that vanished from radar before dawn Thursday on approach to Centennial Airport (search) crashed in rugged terrain, killing its pilot, rescue officials said.

Authorities believed only one person was on board, said Becky O'Guin, public information officer for the Parker Fire District (search). The pilot's name was not released.

Airport officials notified emergency crews after losing radar contact with the plane just after 2 a.m. as it was preparing to land.

A crew in a Denver (search) police helicopter found the turboprop Mitsubishi MU-2 east of Interstate 25 in a rural, rugged area in Douglas County, said Becky O'Guin, public information officer for the Parker Fire District. Rescuers were using ATVs to reach the plane.

Heavy rain created muddy conditions that hampered efforts to locate the aircraft.

"The terrain itself is rugged — lots of gullies and shrub oak — but also it's very wet and our air support has very low visibility," O'Guin said.

The aircraft was preparing to land at Centennial Airport when it disappeared from radar, about one to two miles south of the airport.

There was no immediate word on the plane's flight plans or what the plane may have been carrying.

Another sad, sad day for the guys at Flightline.

Last night was lousy in Denver, widespread low overcast, rain + drizzle. Most of the big convective acivity had moved out by then, however.

A little before 2AM:
KAPA 040853Z 01005KT 2 1/2SM -RA BR SCT005 BKN012 OVC027 15/14 A3038 RMK AO2 TWR VIS 4 SLP214 P0012 60036 T01500144 51036

08.04.05 - AP) — Search crews in Douglas County have located the twin-engine cargo plane that disappeared from radar on approach to Centennial Airport early this morning.

The pilot is dead, but it's not clear yet whether anyone else was on board.

South Metro Fire spokesman Andy Lyon says searchers found the plane by air about 7 a.m., and moved in by foot and all-terrain vehicle to get to the crash site by about 7:45.

Rugged terrain and poor weather hampered efforts to reach the wreckage. Lyon described the plane as "pretty much smashed to bits."

Airport officials reported just after two a-m that they'd lost radar contact with a plane preparing to land. The plane was a 1981 turboprop Mitsubishi MU2B60, owned by Watkins-based Flightline Incorporated. Flightline officials declined comment, and hung up.

The same company owned an identical plane that crashed last December near Greenwood Village-based First Data Corporation.
The weather was not too bad at the time of the accident...we broke out 4 miles from the field at around 1300agl. We were actually the last plane to be able to land there after the accident occured. It's pretty humbling when atc asks you to watch for wreckage and fires to help them locate the downed plane. All night i was complaining how bad my day was, and how i really did not want to be at work last night, and then to hear about this just knotted up my stomach and made me realize how good i really had it at that time, and how thankful i should be for what i have in my life. I just couldn't believe it was another ACT mitsi, and on the same run that took their other plane here.

God Bless him, he will be missed.
T-Gates said:
For a minute, I thought this might have been a resurrected thread from last year...Our own Skyking1976 was killed on the same run, flying for ACT.

Very sad, godspeed, RIP....

I thought the exact same thing. Same company, same airplane and same location.

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