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Acronym for turning errors

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check six

Well-known member
Oct 10, 2002
Teaching the turning errors, can anyone provide the best acronyms that help you remember:

North lead, south lag, northern hemisphere etc..................


Check six
Being from the South, I can say this:

I found it helpful to me to remember the Lag south as Lazy South, you know, since we all are retarded and slow, I can simply lollygag around and wait til the compass goes way past the S mark to start a roll-out.

Likewise to the North, since all Yankees are hurrying up to get to their grave, I can remember to hurry up and roll out way early when the N mark shows up.

I'm not a big fan of acronyms but found that ANDS works for both types.

As has been said: ANDS - Accelerate North, Decelerate South - works for acceleration errors.

But ANDS - Anticipate North, Delay South - also works for turning errors.
Never see North. Always see South. Works everytime.

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