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Acoustic "travel guitar" players here??

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Smells like....
Mar 7, 2002
Hi all

I'm looking for an acoustic "travel" guitar to take on the road with me. There are several out there, notably the Martin Backpacker and Baby Taylor.

Just wondering if anybody here that plays or owns a travel guitar has any recommendations for me??

I don't know what your budget is, but take a look at the Traveler Guitar. Go to www.musiciansfriend.com or ebay and type in "traveler guitar" and it should bring it up.
A friend of mine owns one and let me play with it--pretty cool. It has a single coil allowing you to plug into an amp, but the neatest feature is a stethoscope you plug into the back that amplifies it w/no batteries (I know, like you want to wear headphones in your hotel room after wearing them all day...) Anyway, with the headset it sounds much better than any Backpacker or small travel guitar I've heard. I think the original style costs @ $300 bucks, with a new Speedster model at @$400, but I don't know much about that one.
Hope that helps. Take care and remember: when in doubt, play "Sweet Home Alabama"; gets 'em every time.

I've got a backpacker. It's ugly, sounds like a banjo, and doesn't ride your leg very well, but I like it. With a roller bag, flight bag, and computer (got to have your priorities set right), it's a bit much to carry the bag along on trips. But for those long reserve stretches in the crash pad, it's just right.

I string mine with a set of electric .09's - which doesn't sound too good, but more acurately duplicates the action of my electric. I have small, dwarf - like hands so the small neck of the Backpacker works well with me.

I got mine off ebay for $120 last year. There are a number of guys who sell scratched and dented ones from the Martin factory for a song. Pick one that has an auction ending time in the middle of the night and you can get the best deal.

Dude, read the sign - no Stairway To Heaven.
If you want a good sounding guitar that is robust enough to take the rampers, humidity changes and temperature variations, why not try an Ovation? The composite back avoids all the problems that wood has. Even though the factory pickup and pre-amp are good, Fishman Matrix is better.

Out of 8 guitars, the Ovation is the one I always grab when nobody is looking.

The toy like travel guitars just don't cut it.

Have Fun,

I had the same problem in a previous life as a recruiting manager. I played bluegrass (whoopa$$ music) guitar and was reluctant to check my Collings on the airplane so I took up mandolin so I could take it with me as carry-on. My boss at the time said that by the time the company was finished with me I'd be down to a harmonica. He was right.
Thanks for the replies. The size is really the problem. As njcapt points out, a rollaboard, flightbag, laptop, AND a guitar is a bit much to heave around, let alone try to get through security.

If I had unlimited funds and unlimited carrying capability I'd buy a Rainsong. All graphite; durable and not sensitive to humidity or temperature changes. When I start the airline stuff again I'll probably pick up a $100 beater for the crashpad so I'll have it when I'm sitting there banging my head against the wall.

Anybody try a Baby Taylor just out of curiosity? I haven't been able to hunt one down to play it just yet.
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