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According to the U.S Government jetBlue is considered a "Major Air Carrier"

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Well-known member
Mar 8, 2005
Here is a gov link and here is a list that puts jetBlue in a category with the likes of American, Delta and United.


Group III Air Carriers - 21

Air Tran
Alaska Airlines
American Airlines
American Eagle Airlines
Atlantic Southeast
Atlas Air
Delta Air Lines
Federal Express
Frontier Airlines
Hawaiian Airlines
Jet Blue
Northwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines
United Airlines
World Airways *

And as far as Fightinfo.com goes jetBlue threads have always been welcome on the Majors boards, so my question to the moderators...is why suddenly have selective jetBlue threads suddenly been moved to the LCC/National board especially considering jetBlue is neither a LCC or a National airline?
Jetblue is a LCC, then again so is Southwest and Airtran.

Jetblue is however, a major air carrier, so not sure why the threads gets moved!
yeah and according to the US govt. there were WMD's in Iraq.

LearLove-you've been short-arming it for years now. I want to see those posts from earlier last decade like the line about "finally a ray of light in a sea of s*&^" and how "the public doesn't care about the trendiness of delta song because they would get on an aircraft with double D breasts drawn on the side if the price was right".
Doesn't the mere fact of at least a billion dollars a year in revenue classify an airline as "major".

It's an economic indicator....nothing else.
Yes well the moderators of this site apparently understand LCC (although they reserve the right to redefine that on a case by case basis) but they have no idea what a Legacy is.


They put SWA and Airtran into Major (with what I think is supposed to be legacy) even though those two carriers actually coined the term LCC

They put USAirways into Major even though they RE-defined themselves as LCC

....and they have absolutely no Legacy forum which is what it seems like they are trying to achieve with the Major forum.


...they are either very confused about these classifications or they just don't want Jetblue posts on the Majors forum.

I would be the first to agree that SWA discussions should be amongst those of Delta, United, etc. Which is why the distinction of Major Airline makes sense to me. What doesn't make sense is why they would choose to move SOME major airlines and not others.

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