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Accelerated Flight Crew Training

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Dec 17, 2001
Is any one familiar with Accelerated Flight Crew Training in Chandler, Arizona? I am looking to do my initial CFI, and have heard that they offer the program in a Piper Geronimo. However, I do not know if your have to go thru the entire Pro pilot program, or do just this specific course. I understand that this would only give me my MEI, but that is what I am looking for. If anyone knows anything good or bad about them or can offer another school where I could accomplish this, it would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I don't know anything about the program but I wouldn't suggest getting just a MEI with no CFI-A. I don't think that you will be able to find a MEI job unless you have some expierence instructing in singles. In theory it sounds good, skip instructing in a single and move right into a twin, but every school I know of reserves their MEI slots are for seasoned instructors.
I am very familiar with Acclereated. They operate a small fleet of Apaches out of Stellar Airpark in Chandler. I would not reccomend them for the following reasons:

1.) They don't pay their instructors. The instructors work for a nominal fee of $5 per flight hour. They used to work for free. This is extremely unprofessional, and undercuts instructors who make an honest living. Not to mention you get what you pay for. Do you expect an instructor to take your training seriously when they are doing it for free just to get multi time?

2.) The owner of Accelerated has been known to be somewhat shady. He'll blow sunshine about his industry contacts which is (maybe) half true. He used to be a DE, but the FAA yanked his designation for deliberately falsifying paperwork for his students. At one time, his mechanic was one of his instructors who was also an A&P trying to keep 3 multi-engine aircraft running while on a part time basis.... Ask any flight school mechanic how feasible that is.

No offense to anyone who taught there or is teaching there, don't flame me, but I think you'll find most people around the chandler area will agree.
I totally agree with FlyinBrian's post. In addition, the Piper Apaches they use have to be atleast 30-40 years old and look every bit of it. As FlyinBrian noted, the CFIs there are mostly part time and are getting paid $5/flight hour. True, it might be a cheaper way of getting a rating, but then again, you get what you pay for.

Just my $2 worth. (not $.02)
Good luck with your decision.
I appreciate the information. Can any of you recommend a good place to do the CFI,CFII and MEI? I have heard lots of negative things about American Flyers. However, I do like their price. ATP apparently won't take you on unless you have gone thru the pro pilot program. I know of Airman and Sheble's which both seem a little pricey. Is their anywhere else that one can finish this up quickly yet relatively inexpensive and preferably a place that either uses a DE or has self examining authority. Thank you all again.
If your interested in the Phoenix area, a good school to get your initial CFI is Sunbird Flight Services (www.sunbird.org). They are located at the Chandler Airport, and have a very good instructor doing CFI applicants. Once you have your initial CFI you can go to ATP and get CFII and MEI.

One thing you might consider is trying to get your certificates at a school that will hire you when you finish. Unfortunately, I don't know of any school in the Phoenix area hiring instructors with no experience.

I also second everything said about about Accelerated.
Thanks Wiggums, that looks like a pretty good school. I actually live in Texas, but would be willing to travel. Any idea how long it might take someone to complete this course (initial CFI)? I have a full time job, but can arrange to take some time off. Also, I take it that they are not required to use FAA inspectors? Thanks...
Don't forget that their instructor will give and log instruction time from the back seat. Go to Sunbird, much better school.
Actually I did my ME and Instrument with them and had no problems. I can't help but think of the few of these posters were Instructors that were fired because they could not follow standards and proceedures. Sunbird, yeah right give me a break. I know two instructors fired from Accelerated last month and went to work for Sunbird because they were screw ups. Sounds like a few of the other posters have personal problems with the owner. One way to look at the five bucks an hour is simple. How many multi-students are you training now. How many multi-hours do you log each month. Those guys are logging 100+ hrs of multi time a month. If you don't like the $5 bucks an hour and the $15 bucks an hour for ground instruction then I hope you have the time and money to get your multi-time another way. 110 wet/w instructor is a decent price. I know many of their instructors who have went on to the airlines well below minimums due to their 500+ hrs of multi time. The owner is also a 747 Capt that fly's for JAL. So if your a screw up, fired by them, or work for another flight school in the Chandler area and jealous due to volume of biz they do I can see how you would have bad things to say.
Good luck :eek:
FlyinBrian is wrong

Just to set the record straight for FlyinBrian. They have 12 multi engines planes not 3 as you claim. Do you some personal problem with them? :rolleyes: You asked not to be flamed but very little of the information you gave is accurate.:rolleyes:

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