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Well-known member
Nov 29, 2001
If anybody is considering flying for these guys think again !

For the love of God DO NOT SIGN their six page contract.

You will expose yourself to incredible financial risk.
I have heard less than wonderful things about them, but also know a few guys who have stayed busy enough between real jobs by flying for them.

Its contract work, its never good.

What exactly happened that makes you say this? Your info may help others.
First and foremost.

I was repeatedly lied to regarding the facts of the assignment. I mean blatantly lied to again and again.


The 6 page contract is a hostile agreement. 2 pages of which exist to punish the pilot financially by withholding pay and or filing suit in a Montreal court. Of course they would keep what is paid by the client but just not pay you. That sound fair !!

This is not a professional arrangement that respects the contract pilot. Its a relationship to create fear.

Beware and read those contracts carefully
The beauty of contracts like this is that you don't have to sign them if you don't want to!

And in any event, I would think even those on FI would be smart enough to pass something like that in front of an AOPA atty for a look over....

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