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Well-known member
Jun 25, 2002
There is several of us starting a July 22 class at ACA. Several of us has not recieved any paperwork about the class. If there our any ACA pilots out there did this happen to you or have you heard any rumors.

Terry V.
Don't worry about it, nobody in my class got theirs either. Its just basic employment stuff you will take care of on the first day anyway. I was sweating the same thing too. You can put in a message to Dean and he will get back to you and probably tell you the same thing. Just relax and get ready to work! See you on the 22nd! :cool:
I'm also in the July 22nd class, and haven't received any paperwork either. Thanks for bringing this up....I was beginning to wonder too.

(still looking for a crash pad)
Any body know if that class is full or not. I have and interview Tuesday and would love to be there with you all on the 22nd.
I believe I heard that class is full. But even that's not an absolute. I just interviewed yesterday and I'm hoping for a call.

Good luck!
Hey Bill

Hope your interview went well and you are in the next class.

I interviewed with Comair and was put in the pool - class sometime in Sept or Oct? I guess this is where that patience comes in.

After I got the letter from Comair, I turned down an ACA interview. Maybe not the smartest of all actions. We'll see.

Good luck
Congratulations, Ken. Big Bill G. told me that you had gotten in at Comair. Hey, maybe all of us might find jobs after all! My interview went really smoothly. I am crossing my fingers and toes. ACA is really the best opportunity for me out there right now. (P.S. thanks for posting Roy's wifes letter. I wrote her back to tell her he'll be missed.)

Anyway, for everyone else, I'll post my gouge on aviationinterviews.com when I hear one way or the other, but the gouges that are on there right now are right on the money. (all except the one where the guy says that they are changing everything and are now doing telephone pre-interviews. They've been doing those for quite some time.)

Good luck to all.

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