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Flying Illini

Hit me Peter!
Mar 9, 2003
I was down in Kissimmee yesterday and we went to the same FBO that ACA was operating at (that was a huge mistake). I picked up one of their "pro pilot" flyers and saw that they will give you 250 or 500 hrs in a B727 flying for a pt 121 US carrier. What carrier is this, they never mentioned it in their adds? It costs like 33K...but they pay you and your total cost after you get paid $10 or $20 an hour to fly it, is only like 24 or 26K.

On a cool note. I ran accross N5527L, a C152 that I rented from Frasca Airport in Urbana, IL and flew for 2.6 hrs back in 2000. It's now an ACA aircraft. I knew I recognized that ugly paint job!
$10-$20/hr to be a required crewmember in a 727? and that's after you pay them $33K, sign me up........NOT!
I'd be suspicious of the fact that they didn't put the carriers name in their ad. Why wouldn't they be proud of that, unless it wouldn't lend them a lot of credibility, or turn the student off towards the prgoram! All these other academies with the same kind of program has no problem pimping out what carriers you'll be flying for.

Would be interesting to find out who the carrier is, the only people I can think of flying 727's now a days are freight and corporate.
Is this the same ACA that was out of Lakeland FL a few years back?????
I think it's a freight outfit called CAT (custom air transport).
Steer clear of that place. Gotten to be a shady operation. I used to flight instruct there but left for greener pastures. Just my opinion though. Do your homework.

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