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ACA questions

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Well-known member
Dec 11, 2001
Could anybody enlighten me about ACA's scheduling and benefits.
How many days a month do you guys fly, bases, any everyday information.
I saw that ACA are flying in United and Delta colours. How does it work ? Are you assigned to one carrier or do you fly both ?
Thank you.
Fly safe !
I'll try to answer a few...

1. Days Off: Min of 11 days for those junior up to maybe 16-17 for the most senior. Count on 11-12 days off for most lines.

2. United Bases: IAD - CRJ, 328JET, J41

3. Delta Bases: BOS, LGA, and CVG (eff. 5/1/02) - all 328JET

4. All new-hires are assigned a base and aircraft on the first day which is dependent on need at the time and the last four digits of your SSN. Lowest numbers get first pick etc. In the 328JET, we have had a mix of United and Delta flying in our lines for the last couple of months as we ramp up the United side in Dulles. From now on, I would expect that to cease and we should be just flying for one or the other out of our respective bases. Reserves could be sent to fly either one. There is no difference in the planes or the pay except that you have to remember to say the right airline when you thank them for flying.

Hope this helps.
You must be in the CRJ

16 to 17 off?!!! I'm in the top 30% of our company list and can only get 11. Of course I'm in the 41, but still. Please don't mislead folks here. It's good to be at ACA, but let's be realistic. COUNT ON 11 or 12 days off for at least 2 years, especially if you want to upgrade. Even if I went to the CRJ, I'd have, at most, 12 days off. Bid packs prove it.

I think if you re-read my post you'll see that I said that only the most senior get 16-17 days off. If you look at the BOS FRJ CA bids from last month, the top 5 lines had between 16 and 18 days off. I agree that most of us will only see 11-12 days off.


I think all the lines are practically 11 days off with an average of 4 to 4.5 hrs block a day. Granted with the RJ u may get an extra day off, but the lines in general stink. If you are in the 41 the lines will only get worse when the declining fleet starts.

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