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ACA Questions...

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New member
Nov 28, 2001
I am seriously thinking about Applying to ACA to continue my flying career. I am living in the midwest and would love to be based in ORD. Can someone give me some insight on what it takes to be based there/how junior it is/how long it would take to get there.

Thanks for the info
I'd like to give a definitive answer, but new-hire assignments are a crap-shoot. The CRJ pays more after year one, so most FRJ FOs bid over to the CRJ as soon as they can (or freeze themselves for a year and take the pay bump without going through the training.)

Generally the FRJ is junior and is based at all domiciles (including CVG) except ORD. The CRJ is just ORD (growing) and IAD (shrinking):eek:
I am a CRJ new hire at ACA and I can tell you my class and the other three classes that started after mine all got ORD. I understand that the ORD side will continue to grow.


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