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Aca Pool

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Nov 30, 2001

Just wondering if any ACA poolies have heard anything. I was suppose to be in the 328 class on 12/28. Also how is the training going for the Jetstream crews. Any info would be appreciated.

Fly Safe,

I try to keep in touch with the people over at ACA (pilots, HR. etc). I was hired in late Aug. There's a pool but the number is unknown to me. I hear lot's of positive rumors about Do-jets coming in. I don't think there's been a class since 9/11...
Well training is still all in house at the moment. They wanted to start a class of new hires into the CRJ but since movement is slow right now they had to offer those slots to Dornier and J41 FO's. New hires will most likely be put in the J41. On the other hand training times and pass rates are way up. J41 under 60 days in some cases. Dornier is down to about three and a half months start to finish(down from a max of 9 months). Dojets coming one a month for UAX plus or minus a few for charters and CRJ's coming about 2 a month plus a few more for charters. Who knows when hiring will start in earnest but it should be some time soon.

Just wondering...do you know if any classes happened after 9/11?

As far as I know there were none...I don't know how many of us are in the pool, but I imagine it's over 50.
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