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ACA Pilots!!! Why did you vote NO!

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Here are the highlevel issues bantered regarding the ACA Charter LOA. These are based on the responses posted on the ACA ALPA website:

The LOA was voted down with results being 58% to 42%

Voted YES:
1. Money
- Charter rates 125% over curent CBA rates
- Up to 200% charter rates for extensions
- 85 Hour Min. Guarantee

2. Industry
- United Scope greivence - ACA will be impacted severely if UAL limits UAX RJs to 60 (i.e., furloughs)
- Job Protection
- Faster Upgrade
- Potential for new AC (i.e., CRJ-700)

Voted NO:
1. Quality of Life
- Line construction - 11 days off Min., reduceable to 9 days
- Junior Manning
- 16 Duty Day
- Four Month Bid Period

2. Scheduled Ops Issues - tie LOA to problems with CBA
- Scheduling problems
- Lack of quality line construction
- No Trip & Duty Rigs

The bottomline is that everyone believes that the Charter LOA is a great idea. However, there are some serious quality of life issues and concerns on the scheduled ops side that need to be addressed before the charter LOA would be approved. It seems the majority of those who voted NO claim that if the min. days off was increased to 14, reduceable to 11 days and no junior manning the LOA would pass.

Right now everyone is in a wait and see mode. No one is sure whether or not management will return to the table. Time will tell.
It looks like ACA is trying to copy UAL by starting a corp flying like flex jet , and exe jet. Dose this mean there is a chance of the code share going bye bye.
The likelihood that the UAX codeshare would go Bye-Bye is slim. More likely to happen is that the UA pilots win their scope grievance on March 1st which would result in us probably having to park airplanes. The charter proposal was a way to take aircraft deliveries that would have gone into the UAX side and use them for charter rather than having to cancel or postpone them.

The proposal was turned down by the pilot group and we are all waiting to hear what the next step will be from the company.

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