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ACA phone interview

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New member
Jul 25, 2002
I just received a call from ACA HR, 6:00am Pacific time, does anyone knows what they're looking for?
I told them everything they asked for. My times are well pass their mins. But the lady that called said "I will pass this along for review and they will call you on a week or so if they decide to invite you for an interview". What does that mean?
aca phone call

Hey gnevares,

I had a call from ACA too. They ask 5 or so questions to everyone before they call you in. I guess the real show stoppers would be the number of tickets you had, if you had a misdemeanor or dui, or if you answered you wouldn't be willing to fly a turboprop for them. If all your answers were clean, or at least fairly clean I think you should have got invited for an interview. During my call they scheduled the interview.

I guess the only consolation I can offer is to hang tight, maybe they'll call, they might have some interview priority schedule that they try to follow.

good luck to you
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