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Aca Minimums ?!?!?!

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Nov 26, 2001
I just applied online with aca, and received there letter stating there keeping resumes in a "interview pool". But what caught my eyes in the letter, was their minimums of 1800 and 350.
Can anyone confirm this new info ??
1500 and 250 is the minimum, but there is a sliding scale. The more Multi you have, the less total you need. Don't worry about the numbers over applying: if you have even exactly 1500/250, then apply. Numbers don't get you the job, just the interview. We have a new interview panel, so don't worry about the stories you may have heard recently. Good luck
The new interview panel sounds like a novel idea. I interviewed in Aug. of last year and they made me feel like I should still be working on my private! I seriously wanted to walk out of the interview from the second I walked in.

I always kept my temp. certificates in the front of my log book.
My Instrument Temp. and Certificate had 2 diff. dates on them? I was drilled even about this. I told them I had no idea because I did the Instr. at Riddle so whatever they do is what is there!!!

The guys in there made me feel like I was lying to them even about this. And my log book and certificates have no blemishes or mysterious things in them!!

The guy that interviewed me was a smug little man who obviously wanted to discredit my abilities and show he was the better person. Every question I answered he responded with "are you sure thats what you can do?"
I wanted to be like buddy, in an every day situation I'm sure, but sitting here all extra nervous and not liking you to begin with, no I'm not 100% sure now!!"

Granted I'm biased because I had to make the walk to the hotel to catch a ride to Dulles. But I've been to another "large regional interview" and the experience was 1000x better.

I'm glad to hear they changed things hopefully. I wouldn't want to hear someone quite flying altogether because of the ACA interview.:p
hey walkthasky, are you back at Commutair yet? I'm in Albania, just got back Feb. 25th!

yeah im going back this sunday for the 18th recurrent class, and im starting on the 25th of March bid. I am in Rochester, but hopefully ill get Albania the next bid. Its just an easier commute for me. How long have you been with the company?? Did you actually fly with ACA?? How is it up there now that things are "changed" ???
good to hear your back!!
Recurrent went by fast but was pretty easy and since youve probably been studying for other interviews (I've seen ya on the board for alot of interv.) its pretty much just a refresher..

No, I just interviewed with them after our furlough last year..I'm slightly biased because I didn't get the job, but from what I've heard I'm kinda glad I didn't..But I got a bad vibe as soon as the interview started...mostly from what I posted before...and the way they tell you yay or nay is pretty embarrassing..everyone who interviews waits in the lounge and they bring out envelopes with the letters..basically you open them up right there..you have to too see if you get to go to the sim. The winners smile and the losers say sh&t...and then walk next door to the hotel and wait for a ride to the airport... again I'm biased but also glad for things have worked out for the better anyways.

I was hired in Feb. of last year..and yes the pay does increase to 19 and hour after being here for 1 year..so basically ya get a raise for comin back....not to shabby:D

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