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ACA interview

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Well-known member
Mar 6, 2002
Just wondering how long it takes to hear from ACA after an interview. I interviewed about a week and a half ago, but haven't heard anything yet. Couple friends said if I didn't get the job I would have heard right away. Hope thats the case, but if anyone has any other input please let me know.
2 months ago you would have to wait a few weeks to hear one way or another. I have a friend who interviewed last week and was offered teh job before he left the building. I guess what I'm getting at is that you just can't tell around here anymore. I would say no news is good news.
I have an interview set for next month with ACA.

Will you tell me what types of questions you were asked, how the interview was handled and how the sim ride went...

If anyone is going to be kind enough to answer N6137E's questions / request I would like to also ask a question. What is the starting pay at ACA? J41 or one of the jets if you have a break down of all three.

Thanks in advance.
I have no idea how this will format, so bear with me....

Here's this year's pay rate. It increases at little, roughly every year, with $1.60/hr perdiem...

You can plan on 1000hrs of pay for every 800hrs of block assigned.. at least in my experience (not including the lucky ones up in LGA during the money-makin days).

J-32/J41 FO D328 Jet FO CL 65 FO J-32/J-41 Capt. D328 Jet Capt. CL 65 Capt.
Year 1 21.53 21.53 21.53 40.67 46.34 55.47
Year 2 22.43 24.70 34.19 41.93 47.60 57.19
Year 3 23.79 26.06 35.26 43.60 49.26 58.96
Year 4 25.13 27.40 36.35 45.24 50.91 60.79
Year 5 26.36 28.63 37.47 47.90 53.57 62.67
Year 6 27.82 30.08 38.62 49.53 55.20 64.60
Year 7 39.82 51.17 56.83 66.60
Year 8 41.05 52.80 58.46 68.66
Year 9 54.49 60.15 70.78
Year 10 56.20 61.86 72.98
Year 11 57.94 63.61 75.23
Year 12 59.73 65.40 77.55
Year 13 61.59 67.25 79.96
Year 14 82.43
Year 15 84.98
Year 16 87.52
Year 17 90.15
ACA Interviews

This is for N6137E and everyone else-

ACA information is available on aviationinterviews.com. This information is great and highly accurate! Also, N6137E how many hours did you have when ACA offered you an interview? Just wondering what the competitive mins are?

I heard 1800/350 are their new minimums, but it's not posted that way on their website.
I could be wrong, though.
If those are the new mins then they must not be solid because I just got the call to interview and I only have 1500/900. Of course I have been flying 121 for the last year and a half. I post this because I know someone will ask. I didn't ever fax them an resume and I dont know anyone working there. I did meet a recruiter and gave them a resume but was given the impression that I didnt have enough time. Needless to say I was suprised to see that message on my machine.... cant wait to talk to them. I think that resume I gave the recruiter had about 1300/700 times on it and that was several months ago.


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