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Aca Hiring

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Well-known member
Jun 25, 2002
If anyone is coming to interview here at ACA, give me a shout on here. I don't have access to my email, but send a PM on here.

Terry V.

I am suppose to interview at ACA next week. Could you tell me somethings, such as what are the odds of a jet class if I am part 121. How long is reserve. What is the pay/benefits like. Do they tell you what plane you will be flying when they offer you a job, ect....

Passes to interview?

I am hoping for a call from ACA in the not too distant future.. wondering if they provide passes to fly United/Delta to the interview?
Also.. what am I looking at in expenses outside the normal in that first 2.5 months when I am making less than minimum wage? Uniforms? etc...

Thanks in advance
Hey i called today and got an interview for august 9th. Does ACA bring 4 people to interview to only hire 2, or is it your job to lose? That is what i am really wondering. How many people are not offered a job after they interview? I have no turbine time so i feel like i'm a long shot. Or am i on equal ground? Anyway it's such good news, no airline ever called me before today!
ACA interviews about 50-60 people a week according to Dean Hess. Of those they hire about 1/3. Bra, i had no turbine time also and got hired. Just go there and be yourself. Don't try to be joe pilot. Talking to some interviewees, what there looking for is a good personality. They can tell whether or not you know your stuff by asking a couple of questions. They want to see how you react to certain situations. Be relaxed and don't get defensive. You got the interview and have as much chance of getting the job as anyone else. Good luck to you.
hey Bra ,I have an interview the 9th too,what time it is your?
I have the 12 slot,I'll see you there.
Bye Juventus
I've got 8:30 am. Thanks for the replies.

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