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Well-known member
Jul 10, 2002
Can anyone tell me if ACA is hiring F/As at this time? If so, any info on pay and/or if lines are commuter-friendly? Thanks in advance.
All I can say is "Welcome-A-board!!!" We need F/A's on the Delta side...BADLY!!! I think the United side is in the same boat...

The lines seem to commuter friendly...never heard too many complaints in the crew room. I think the interview consists of someone holding a mirror up to your nose, if they see condensation, your hired.

The domiciles are cool and the Dornier seems to be a favorite amoung the F/A's and PAX as well...ohh, "us" pilots like it too!!!!

CatYaak...Sorry about the previous post...it was not intended for you specifically...I assume you know someone who wants too apply...

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