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ACA current contract??'s

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Feb 25, 2002
Would like to know what the current payscales are @ ACA? How are things going there? Are they planning to start up hiring again anytime soon? How many 328jets are they going to be getting this year for the United side? Thanks for any info...
These are from the scales to have gone into effect 2/9/02:

J41/32 $21.53 to $27.82 in year 6
D238Jet $21.53 to $30.08 in year 6
CL65 $21.53 to $41.05 in year 8

J41/32 $40.67 to $61.59 in year 13
D238Jet $46.34 to $67.25 in year 13
CL65 $55.47 to $90.15 in year 17
ACA stuff


Year 1 2 3 4 5

FO's 21.53 35.39 36.49 39.12 40.33

CA's 55.47 59.20 61.02 65.43 67.45

These are the CRJ scales. FO's all get the same for 1st year. DoJet is about 9-10% less than these.

Hiring has already begun...I believe. UEX will get 13 DoJets this year and 22(?) next year. IAD is a new 328 base and CVG (Cincinatti) is a new Delta Connection 328 base.

Most lines are built from 12 to 14 off. We are working to get them up higher from 13 to 15 off. Were getting there. You can't make less than 75 hrs...unless you just don't show up for work. Most pilots are averaging 65-78 flight hours and 89-98 hrs pay(not including per-deim).

DoJet training is great. CRJ training is apparrently doing grerat as well. I've talked to a lot of new CRJ FO's about the training and no problems to be concerned about like in the past.

Hope this helps.


Hey Cappy,

Do you have any info on the interview process? I've heard they recently got a new board.

More ACA stuff

There is a new hiring board made up of at least 15 pilots. I am not too familiar with the process but should you be asked for an interview you will recieve information on that from the company. I'm sure you can get more detail on this website as well.

Just had a meeting today with some of our union leaders and here is some news:

- There were 26 new-hires in February and 27 this month.

- 45 crews to be based in CVG. I don't know the time frame on that but I believe by the end of August.

- CVG gates will NOT be at Comair terminal. We will have our own crew lounge.

- UAL's statement that there will be 15% growth in ORD (Chicago) at mainline United is true...the rub is that the assets used are from other bases. No "total" growth at United. April furlough's will still take place as previously anounced.

Hope this helps.


ACA payscale---think twice

Think twice about the FO pay---you won't get past TBP year 3 because we will not have TBP's anymore. So you can make a decent living. Upgrades are a little slow right now, but still faster than most regionals. And my best advice to FO's ----DO NOT LIVE IN THE IAD AREA UNLESS YOU ARE RICH!!!! Get a crashpad.

I'll come to this board first when I want info on ACA hiring from now on.

How come we haven't heard about the hiring on the ALPA boards/Daily Briefing?

Happy to hear it, though. I'm also happy the CRJ training is apparently getting more "fair."

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