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ACA class on 5/10???

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Jan 15, 2002
I have a class date with ACA on 5/10 Friday. What type of plane will this be? I have been kinda getting hints it is a J-41 any truth to this?

Most likely....

the class will be the J41. They have had 2 J41 classes start in the past few weeks and they have both been on Friday's. The FRJ and CRJ classes seem to start on Monday's. Don't be too put off by the J41 though. It's really not a bad ariplane. Hope to see you on line in a few months. Good luck.
Thanks for the feedback. No, I am pumped about anything I can fly. I was not sure what plane ACA was planning on putting me in. They should let me know by next week. Anything after 9/11 is a gift J-41 FRJ or the CRJ would be great!

How many more classes are planned for the J-41? This is my question for how long reserve FO time would be.


Not too sure

I don't know how many more J41 classes they are planning but I do know that reserve will not be long at all. You'll probably be able to get a line on the first month that you are able to bid. Right now they are so short on J41 FO's that they use the most junior CA's almost daily to cover FO trips. I don't think that reserve time on the FRJ or CRJ is running too long either. Maybe a couple months. Welcome aboard.

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