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ACA application question

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Well-known member
Nov 30, 2001
How long does it usually take to receive the application and information via e-mail. They called early last week to set up an interview and I still havn't received the information he said he'd send to my e-mail. (My interview's late next week.) Just wondered if I should have it by now. Thanks.
I received an email within 24 hours of the call with all the word docs, the application you have to download off their web-site.

I thought I had a strong interview but got the reject letter 5 days later. wish I knew what I boffed up, seems like a great company. I never met Dean but Shawn was cool... as were the rest of the people I met.

good luck
how long is this hiring boom going to continue at ACA? they seem to be the industry vacuum at the moment. It was comair earlier this year and it sounds like it will be ASA soon.

I have an interview coming up in a couple weeks and am wondering if this is the trailing edge of a hiring surge or if they're still planning on hiring strong through the new year. I really don't want to get stuck on the bottom again.

Any info on their future hiring plans would be greatly appreciated.

We have between 1500-1600 pilots right now, and are projected to hire another 150-200 the rest of the year. Basically a class of 10 starting each Monday.

Next year I've heard the projection of 400 newhires. The seniority list will then be 2000+.

We have approx 65 CRJs (growing daily, I may have lowballed that #), 33 D328Js, and around 31 J-41s (us having ruined a few of the original batch of 33).

Get your # now. You will be amazed at how your seniority grows...

The hiring is going to keep on going for awhile. With this much growth, I am glad I got on.

Terry V.
Call me ignorant, but what is the underlying reasoning for so much planned growth at ACA? What do they know that i don't? I'm glad to have an interview.

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