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IFlyFL410 said:
Any good rumors or info on when they may hire again? What about the new Riverside sort?

Just had an ABEX DC-8 Captain on the jumpseat the other day. He said that the whole company is extremely understaffed right now, especially the -8. Still a few guys furloughed he said, but he doubts they'll be coming back. He said the rumor was that hiring should start next spring, but no confirmation yet.
There are approximatly 30 retirements, we are taking delivery of 6 767's and then you have the medical-outs, we could be in need of 50-70 people next year. That's if everything stays status quo. Any addition to the flight schedule (rumored to be so) and the numbers could be more. Some mgmt have said in recent past that there could "probably" be some hiring next year. DHL has told us to paint the entire fleet yellow, except for 2 DC-9-10 that will be junked. They have also given us the go-ahead to bring back some DC-8's that had been scheduled to be junked...
how do ya get hired??
QOL depends on your situation. It can be very good on reserve if you live within an hour, or so, of ILN (two hour reserve call up). It can be very good if you are a line holder who can hold weekends at, or near, where you live. If you're just on reserve and commute it isn't all that great. Wilmington gets old pretty quick.

Bid periods are calendar months of either 30 or 31 days. (February steals one day from Jan and Mar so that they are all 30 days long) Reserve lines have 14 days off, hard lines have 15 days off.

The 767 is the only aircraft with any lines over 65 hours. Doesn't really matter, though. Any additional flying you do on days off is paid above guarantee regardless of how far below guarantee you might be otherwise. Any additional days are paid a minimum of 4.5 hours or the greater of actual or scheduled time. I've been averaging about 300 block hours per year as a line holder doing little, or no, extra flying. I'll be just under that this year.

Per Diem is $46 per day domestic. You get the full $46 if you land at another airport, it's not prorated by the hour or minute. That'll probably total around $7500 per year after subtracting out vacation and training days (which don't earn per diem). $41/day is tax free, $5 per day is taxed. That usually changes each year on Jan 1st.

Let's say you're a 3rd year DC9 FO making $99 per hour. Your guarantee is $6435/mo, $77,220/yr. If you pickup a trip on a day off you'll get a minimum of 4.5 hours which is $445.50 plus the $46 per diem. There are trips which pay over 8 hours in a day (deadhead legs are paid at full pay) so you could make as much as $800-$825 plus per diem for one extra day.

A lot of guys pick up a couple of trips per month which could give our 3rd year F/O an extra $14,000-$15,000 per year with per diem. Some guys really load up on the open time and can nearly double their base salary. I know one 5th year DC9 F/O who made $172,000 in 2004. 767 F/Os who fly that much are over $200,000 but that will take a bit more than three years of seniority.

I have no idea how to get hired. They aren't officially accepting resumes. I did hear some talk that the chief pilots were hinted that they'd take walk in's but that could be just a rumor. Some guys who've been through training recently said that the instructors were told that there could be new hire classes after the first of the year. There's also talk that they are planning on upgrading the four remaining second officers, leaving only PFEs on the DC8 panel, so any new hires would go directly to the right seat. No firm info, though. Just rumors.

Regarding Riverside... I've talked to a couple of guys who've flown RIV trips and they've said that the RIV operation is running smooth and on time. I haven't been there yet.
Blocks of work must be at least three days but not more than eight days long. Blocks of days off must be at least three days. There must be a block of five, and another block of six, days off somewhere in the line. There are some exceptions to these rules but they mostly involve the transition between bid periods. Shuttle-only lines don't have to follow the minimum three day off rule.

A typical trip leaves ILN between 4am and 6am, layover over at an outstation for between 10 and 16 hours then returns to ILN arriving between 11pm and 2:30am. Some trips are too far away, or the time on the ground is too short, so a crew can't fly back the same night that they fly out. In those cases the layover is extended an extra day producing layovers of about 36 hours. i.e. Fly out Tuesday AM, 36 hour layover, fly back Wednesday night. Any of these trips would operate Tuesday through Fridays. Most cities have a three or four day weekend layover arriving either Friday or Saturday morning and leaving either Monday or Tuesday night. A hotel is provided, of course, but there is no requirement to stay in the layover city so many of us go home on our weekend layovers.

There are a limited number of day trips on Tuesdays through Thursday, and some Sunday flying, but most of that is done by the 767s.

Shuttle trips either deadhead or commercial to an outstation then spend six to eight days flying trips which do not transit ILN. All of the current RIV trips are shuttles.

Here's a relatively junior DC9 line from the December bid package.

01 TUS 36-hr TUS layover
02 -
03 LIT
04 - 61-hr, 3-day LIT layover
05 -
06 X
07 X
08 X
09 X 8 days off
10 X
11 X
12 X
13 X
14 BHM
15 ICT
16 COS
17 LIT
18 - 61hr, 3-day LIT layover
19 -
20 MDT
21 X
22 X
23 X
24 X 7 days off
25 X
26 X
27 X
28 FSD
29 SHV
30 HRL
31 LIT 85hr, 4-day LIT layover
01 - 3 days carry over to January
02 - They become open flying if they
03 - fall on days off in Jan.

The pilot who got this line lives about a two hour drive from LIT so he'll go home on those LIT weekends.

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