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About the secret security agent...

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I suck.
Nov 26, 2001
I just wanted to state my opinion on the secret service agent that got denied the jumpseat going down to Houston. I don't think it was racial profiling, I think it was an honest misunderstanding, created by the airline. They always stress at every airline that the Captain is the FINAL authority on who can jumpseat on the aircraft. I would expect that a member of the secret service would be a little more mature than this guy. They don't just let anyone do that job. It kind of bothers me that the guy was instantly throwing out the "Race-Card." My two cents...
1) It was to DFW

2) He was not trying to jumpseat. It was the question of being a LEO with proper documentation.
Judging from what I've heard and read abou the issue, I think I would have done the same thing thatthe AA Captain on that flight did. As a Captain, it is my absolute responsibility to ensure the saftey of my passengers and crew. If I were given an improperly documented LEO pax, I would definitly want to do everything I could to verify the validity of that person's credetials before I ALLOWED them on board MY aircraft. If they started acting strange, or abused myself or my crew. They quite simply would not be on my airplane when it left the gate. Period. Doesn't matter who you are, or what you look like.

I welcome properly documented, level headed LEO's on my airplane. However, an airplane is no place for someone who is armed and not level headed. Even if he were only to try to intervene in the best interests of the pax in a situation, a guy with a gun and a hot head would be almost more dangerous than some dope with a knive who is trying to hurt someone on my plane.

If what I have heard is true, then this guy should have beenkicked off, and should face disciplinary action from the USSS.
It wasn't a misunderstanding at all. The agent was simply a LEO whose credentials couldn't be verified after numerous attempts, and who was angry and abusive. That's why he was denied transport. I'd like to think the same thing would have happened no matter what his race.

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