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AAI open trips for 2-12

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wood pecker

Well-known member
Feb 25, 2004
I am off on 2-12 yet I have a call from sched. (most likely offering some of that qlty premium pay) There are 18 trips in open time for 2-12. Any other people getting called to come help out?
Considering we will probably cancel 100 flights tomorrow due to ATL snowstorm, I would imagine there will be plenty of guys sitting in ATL crewroom to reassign. Expect revision D, E, and F of your trip pairing to be the norm over the next few days (maybe a little higher for reserves).
I think I'll change my ring tone to..."Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"
nothing like doing your scheduled trip while your buddy is getting premium pay to do an easy trip filled w/ DHs. I think 1.5x hourly rate should be the new going rate in the future contract. Past practice shows they can afford it right?
So he was refering to a line holder being rescheduled?
He is a line holder. Don't crucify 1 guy unless you admit you only fly grntee every month. At least he made enough to cover his next trip so some other ho can pick it up if he gets ill.

(Wholly Hell!! SNOW is coming again tonight 2-14) Who will be the lucky guy to get stuck on the Little Debbie plane for 10 hours?

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