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AA rescinds former job offer.

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Jan 1, 2002
I guess it comes as no surprise-other than it took almost a year to get the official "better luck next time" letter. No mention as to whether we must reapply- although knowing AMR they will want that $100 to help return to profitability.
What do you mean.... were you hired and then told thanks for playing?... or did it take this long to send you any correspondance at all? BTW, I heard the HR folks shut down as the walls came down...

I was conditionally hired, and was looking at an Oct 2001 class date... never did get any official word, or any word for that matter. I suppose I might have gotten the same letter you must have, but have since changed my address.

Maybe I ought to update my file; closure is good, right?...
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Yes I had a conditional offer of employment-probably same class as you! Yesterday they finally sent the letter saying they dont think they will be hiring. (what a shock)
Good luck updating as I heard that the office was unmanned.
Stupid me didn't look at any other posts first befor starting my own. I also had a job offer from AAL for a sept class date. Yesterday I recieved a letter from AAL dated July 19 saying the offer for employment was rescinded, but to attach the letter to any future correspondence to the company. Maybe they'll take $5.00 off the app price next time. The fact that it was the only time I've heard from them since cancelling the class has me a bit torqued too. Even United, which is in the worst shape of all the majors save USAIR has been able to e-mail once every few months to say that business sucks but hang in there. Just more good news.

Fly em safe

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