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Aa Pilots

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Dec 13, 2001
-Any word about furloughs for Jan, Feb or rest of the year?

-Total number of furloughs including TWA?

-Any chance for some recalls this year?

Only thing I heard was 90% Operation this summer, and 100% within 2 years.

Thanks infront for all of the info.

No rumors of additional furloughs.

I'm at the Academy now for recurrent, and I've heard the rumor that the Nov furloughees will be recalled this month (rumor only, remember).

595 AA pilots on furlough; TWA has somewhere around 200
If the Nov furloughs are recalled, they will be replaced by (former) TWA guys that are below them on the integrated seniority list. Haven't heard anything about a true recall and wouldn't expect it this year.
vp of flight just announced 61 more furloughs from TWALLC. Said it was due to the reduced flying of the B-717 and eventual phase out of the airframe at AA.
managing director of flight just announced that manning for '02 does not warrant any recalls of furloughed pilots.
AA Recalls

I think it will be end of 2003 or early 2004 when they might start calling some people. Reason:

-AA needs to trim STL flying comparable to flying in ORD, DFW...

-Parking of B717, B767, some MD80s from TWA side;

-Future furloughs will happen from TWA side, because of the merged seniority list and also it is good for AA to trim STL flying;

-TWA people probably fenced to STL till 2004 or 2005, so first 400-500 recalled will come from TWA, so why train twice? You wait till 2004-2005 and train them to AA procedures only, because by then all TWA airplanes should be AA configured.

-AA in the past, if I am not wrong, was usually the last to recall.

Good luck to you AA pilots. I have a lot of causins flying for AA and I hope I was wrong about the length of the furlough.

Re: AA Recalls


I'm curious why you said it is "good" and that AA "needs" to trim STL flying? I would think that increased STL flying would be good for everyone.
STL Flying

TWA Dude it is good for the COMPANY-MANAGEMENT ONLY. I wouldn't be more happier to see TWA increase flying out of STL it would help my brother go back to work.


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