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AA Pilot on The Factor

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Active member
Jan 25, 2002
I saw an AA Capt on The Factor tonight talking about pilot fatigue. Didn't really get the entire story...something about the FAA and 16 hr duty times....16 hours is entirely too much....how bout 12? Anyway, the pilot admitted on national TV to being tired/fatigued at the controls of the plane...is that very smart? Great to educate the public, we have a right to know...but then it gets scary if the FAA doesn't do anything about it....

I say hire back the guys on furlough now...

My 2 cents...

12 hour duty days. That would be great and go a long way towards solving the problem. Thing is...it would cost the airlines way to much money and the ATA isn't gonna let that happen. The quick way is for the FAA to mandate a change...that would be great. But I think it's going to take years for things to change slowly through collective bargining....and the airlines will want the pilot groups to give something up for shorter duty times...which isn't really right cause it's a safety issue. All we can hope for is the FAA to have some balls on this and make some changes....good luck.
1that's a good one. Look how hard the ATA fought whne the FAA said it was going to start enforcing the 16 hour rule, they filed about a dozen suits. As much as 12 hurs or so should be the limit doubt you'll see it any time soon, unfortnately. They'll probably have to wait for a few more wrecks before the public demands it.
Way to go Rich...great job. Captain Rich Rubin deserves a medal for the work he has done for the APA and what he is trying to do for the industry. He has been very vocal for some time about flight/duty time and fatigue. AA has singled him out and tried just about everything to silence him.

I'm curious, being on the outside of the airline industry, if any Captains would be willing to trade pay for a shorter work day (ie 12 hours) if it came down to that? I think the issue of pilot fatigue is serious, and am just wondering what the realistic options are to end the problem.

I don't see any airline pilot willing to sacrifice pay for shorter duty periods. Pilots shoudn't have to give concessions in the interest in safety. If safety was truely the number one priority, this wouldn't even be an issue, but we all know money is the bottom line. To decrease the productivity of a pilot, the airlines must staff more pilots, bottom line more money. This is why the ATA is fighting this so hard. More pilots means higher ticket prices.

Most major airline contracts are more restrictive of the FAR's. But this shouldn't be a negotiated item, the FAR's should address and enforce the rules without the loopholes.

I commend CA. Rubin for his efforts in bringing pilot fatigue to the public's attention. CA. Rubin is not speaking solely on the behalf of AA pilots, but all pilots nation wide. Give him your support.
ABSOLUTELY!!!! The NTSB has been fighting this battle for years. And I agree, it shouldn't have to be a negotiated provision of a contract. It should be mandated by the FAA. And the NTSB and the various pilot unions and the general flying public, for that matter, should demand no less.
It's true that he may have made some passengers nervous by speaking about fatigue on TV, but how else are they going to find out about it? Sometimes, the only way to get something done is to have an accident, or tell the people to write Congress. Well, there have been several fatigue related accidents, so, what else can we do?

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